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Auction Travel

August 4, 2016

I was at a charity fundraiser and part of the fun was s silent auction. On a lark, I bid on something that was a step out of the comfort zone. I remember beginning to read the fine details of the prize, but stopped once I learned it was a group rowing lesson. I didn’t want to risk finding reasons to pass it up.

As I was leaving a friend called out, “Nina, I think you won something. Yes,you won a rowing class for you and 10 friends! I laughed, I smiled and then immediately began inviting...

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Hesitant No More

August 7, 2016

I’ve seen this festival advertised but always found reasons not to attend. It was too far, I’d have to take a shuttle bus from the parking lot, too many carbs and not enough events on the schedule.

This year, stormy weather was predicted, but after one round, the sun showed up and so I headed there. My reasons for going? I hadn’t tasted any corn on the cob yet this summer, I’ve never watched a tractor pull competition before and I’ve seen the highway signs for this town, but never stopped...

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August 15, 2016

A compelling reason to visit Weir Farm National Historic Site is to see beyond the buildings and the trees. I participated in a docent led walk to hear about paintings, a local poet’s interpretation of them and history coming to life through story. Visiting the landmarks where the paintings were created added a layer of insight and inspiration.

It was an earthy, “unflashy” experience that made the visit beautiful and personal. It opened my eyes to the travel experience possibilities with...

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August 28, 2016

When I heard a callout for participants for a stunt in Bryant Park on 42nd Street in Manhattan, there was little information about what it would involve. The brief was to wear a white top and be ready to dance. 

100 people including me gathered, stood in line in front of a stage to see whether random park goers would volunteer to be our Dance Captain. 

At first the music played and we stood motionless. Then someone in the crowd stepped onto the stage and led us. We followed to create...

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